About PN Heritage

Courtyard of Natures Escapades

The shy breeze lacing the ecstatic drizzle in a sunny rendezvous, this is the morning welcome you receive at PN Heritage. Dense green canopy embraces the vintage cottages, contours of farm lands silently gushing to mango trees sitting in contemplation. Nature’s serenity whispers in the haze that engulfs PN heritage home stay at daybreak. As you sip the morning coffee at PN heritage, the grass beds glisten as the dew drops capture a tinge of lazy sunlight. The home stay has an aura that resonate the true essence of Coorg’s natural beauty. It is an ideal holiday destination for families to connect with their kids. Through PN Heritage kids can experience the old world charms of nature. Just take a stroll through the coffee estate surrounding the home stay to hear the chirping birds, crickets, wild fowls and who knows maybe an elephant. The home stay has a lot to offer for youngsters with a sporty temper. PN Heritage has ample facilities to indulge in games like table tennis, basket ball and badminton. And if you are in the mood for some gully cricket the coffee drying patio serves as a perfect playground. If the night winds get a chilly edge you could light up a bonfire. Or if your taste buds are craving for some smoky meaty flavors, you could also smolder a fancy barbeque. As the night shimmers and fades with the flight of the fireflies at PN Heritage, you will experience a wink of the cultural enigma that is Coorg. So if you are looking for a weekend getaway, to rewind and relax visit the PN Heritage cottages. The cosy rooms, the fresh smelling bedspreads and towels, the spic and span bathrooms make your stay at the home stay really comforting. The food experience at the home stay combines the best elements of malnad and coorgi cuisines. At PN Heritage you are sure to dig your fingers into authentic pandi curry and hot akki vatti that is roasted on firewood. The bust of flavours in the chicken curry at the home stay is typical to the coorg kitchen. PN Heritage cottages are the ideal destination to explore nature’s secrets and to have fun and frolic with barbeque nights and campfires. Family outing or bachelor’s weekend out, the home stay has surprises to please all. The most remarkable characteristic of PN Heritage is that the memories made at the home stay will come to life each time you think of the experience. Long after you drive down the driveway of the home stay you will cascade through an alley of memories that you will cherish for years to come.


Our History

History of the genesis of PN Heritage

More than a decade age, a couple decided to provide tourists with an opportunity to discover the warmth of the cold coffee lands. Long before the concept of home stays was conceived, Prabhu and Nandhini felt they must offer visitors travelling to Coorg a holiday experience that captured the essence of southern Scotlands. This desire marked the beginning of the unique hospitality journey of PN Heritage. Prabhu, originally a coffee planter in Kodagu conceptualized the idea of giving the true feel of living in a coffee estate to tourists. His wife Nadhini furthered nurtured this notion with the poise of hospitality, offering visitors the flavours of the culinary culture of Coorg. It takes a true foodie to discover the details of delicacies and introduce authentic south Indian malnad and coorg cuisine and Nandini has taken every minute detailing to ensure the uttermost efficiency and passion in food and landscape. The picturesque landscape of PN Heritage paints a picture of true bliss for travellers in search of the tranquility of nature. Together Prabhu and Nandhini embraced the nature’s grandeur gracing their threshold through PN Heritage. In the process creating a extraordinary holiday experience for people visiting Coorg.

Your Host at PN Heritage

Yogesh: A multifaceted person with knowledge of Coorg, Coffee & Spices. He is undoubtedly a good host. If you talk to him about real estate, he will speak at length. His biggest gift is his smile and he ensures to make every guest’s stay comfortable and will live a lasting memory on guests, visiting PN Heritage. Yogesh has lived all his life, making others happy. Please experience the true holiday with family and friends.